Thursday 9 – Sunday 12 February 2017

Meditations on the Clarity of the Mind

FULLBOKAT men möjligt att skriva upp sig på reservlista!


This meditation retreat provides an opportunity to step aside from the busyness and distractions of daily life in a natural and peaceful environment. We can then return to our daily life refreshed and energised – with a powerful, peaceful mind.

No experience required and everyone can receive benefit from this retreat.


Over the course of this weekend retreat, we will gain an experience of the limitless potential of our mind that can be accessed through meditation.

We will engage in simple but profound meditations on the gross and subtle levels of our mind that can take us to a deep understanding and experience of our mind. What we discover is a limitless mind, in particular a mind of limitless potential, capable of universal love, profound wisdom, and unceasing joy.

Through this retreat we can experiencing the tranquility and power of the pure nature of our mind for ourselves. This experience will enable us to understand our true potential for transformation, and how changing our mind will change our world. We can learn to purify our mind and to let go of limiting states of mind and instead connect to a deep and stable happiness and truth.

Silence & break time:

The retreat is silent until supper each day allowing time for quiet reflection.  The silence also gives us space to train in meditation and to deepen our inner peace as our distractions disappear. In the evenings there will be time to discuss the topics being presented with others if you wish.

Between meditations there is time to enjoy being peaceful outdoors, to walk or sit in nature. It is possible to ask questions to the teacher either written or in person at any time.

Practical info:

Teacher: Kelsang Jangdom
Course fee includes food and accommodation at Häverö kursgård:
Bed in a twin / shared room: 2500 kr; Single room: 3100 kr   Obs! Rabatt gäller ej utanför centret!
Teachings and guidance in English

Start Thursday 9 February 19:00 with supper (arrival from 17:00)
Finish Sunday 12 February after lunch and tidying up (ca. 15:00).

Some photos from Häverö kursgård: