lördag 16 februari 10:30-13:15

Living each day as if it was the last | Meditation course in Malmö

This thought-provoking course will explore the Buddhist explanation of the death process, how we can prepare for our death and how we can help those who are dying.

Although we may not be happy to hear about our death, the truth of the matter is that we will not remain in this world forever and most of the things we put our energy into are by nature to be left behind. Buddha’s teachings on death help us refocus our priorities and face our own mortality with confidence and wisdom. We can also use this understanding to prepare for our own future and help our loved ones at the time they need us most.

Alla är välkomna!

Adress: Yogagården, Stora Nygatan 38


250 kr (vuxen) | 200 kr (student/pensionär)

I och med antagande till kurs, retreat eller seminarium blir du även medlem i föreningen.

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om läraren:

Kadam Mark Decker is the Principal Teacher at KMC Copenhagen and regular guest teacher in Malmö. Kadam Mark is a long-term student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has been studying, practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for 25 years in the UK, Croatia before moving to Denmark in 2018.

Kadam Mark has engaged in many meditation retreats. He has also been deeply involved in the translation of many of Geshe-la’s books to Croatian.

Kadam Mark is known by his students for his approachability, deeply insightful and inspiring teachings, and his love for meditation and exploring the meaning of the teachings through discussion. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to benefit from Kadam Mark’s wealth of practical meditative experience.