Saturday 3 June 10:30-16:30

The Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness

Becoming a good-natured person with a good heart

On this special course, Kelsang Jangdom will give a review of the teachings from the NKT International Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC in England. The essence of these instructions is learning to become a good-natured person with a good heart.

We all need to learn to cherish one another because this mind of love brings happiness to ourselves and everyone we come into contact with. In essence, learning to cherish others is the best method for establishing peace in the world, and for our own peace of mind in particular.

Realize your potential and become the kind, loving and fearless person you want to be!

Teaching in English.

Teacher: Kelsang Jangdom

about the teacher:

Jangdom is a Buddhist monk and Resident Teacher at Tara Kadampa Buddhist Center. He loves to share the many benefits of Buddha’s teachings in a joyful and inspiring manner.


395 kr (20% discount for students and pensioners)